Sunday, November 20, 2011

Haven't posted in a while so here are lots of digital freebies

Here is a compilation of freebies that I have posted on my adoptafrica blog but didn't cross post here.

I recently attended a Christmas sale with lots of crafts, clothes, etc. and I saw a garland with the idea of writing the meaning behind each of the 12 days of Christmas. I thought it was a great idea but wasn't about to splurge on the $28.00 garland when I could make my own. So here's what I came up with:

I wanted to share the files with you guys so you could just print out your own version and display it during the holidays.  These files are quite large so you could technically cut and paste each one on a seperate page to print them larger. I grouped them together b/c I knew I wanted them smaller (3.5 X 5) so I used photoshop and selected 8X10 for each page of 4 which rendered 3.5 X 5 size images to cut out. Hope that makes sense. I just wanted them to be larger so you guys could shrink them to whatever size you would like.

I saved this original file as a different size then the others by accident, so I couldn't put it in a group of 4, so you'll have to print this single one out seperately. I just clicked print and changed the size to 3.5 X 5 and voila!

I love the color combo in the quick pages/photo frames below.  Just click on the images to enlarge then save to your computer.

For all of the football fans out there:

A fun fall quick page:

I wanted to create some cute polaroid frames with this washi tape for my own blog posts but of course I had to share with you guys as well. Here's a cluster that you can add on top of any of your own digital scrapbooking papers and just slip your own photos beneath the frames.

Here are the frames seperated out individually:

This last one is just a quick page. Just click on the image to enlarge and then save to your computer:

I bought a vintage Alice in Wonderland golden book and cut out the images of the characters I liked then scanned them in and created these little party printables to use for Libby's first birthday party and wanted to share them with you. I'll likely be reworking them in other ways so there will probably be many more Alice in Wonderland themed printables coming your way but this is what I've got going at the moment. Just click on the images below to enlarge then save to your computer.

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