Monday, May 23, 2011

Today's printable freebies!

These printable "calling cards" have LOTS of potential. Here are some of the things that I plan to use them for:
1. To make little calling cards to hand out to other moms with my contact info.
2. To make little "love notes" to put in the hubby's or kiddo's lunch bags.
3. They can be clipped out digitally and edited to become side bar titles for your blog.
4. Personalized gift tags for presents.
5. Labels/placecards for a shower or tea party.
6. Labels for the drawers in my scrapbooking closet.

So as you can see these are just a few of their applications. To print your own just click on the image below to enlarge, then just click print, or save to your computer and add text with your favorite photo editing software and go nuts!

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