Sunday, July 4, 2010

My first blog giveaway!

The next 2 people to order a custom blog design will receive a FREE Adopt Africa magnet!!!
I'm really excited to have a new project and look forward to "pimping your blog" :)
There are lots of new designs on my portfolio pages so sit and stay and while and take a look!


  1. Your designs are unique and beautiful!!

  2. i want a total overhaul!! how do I order??

  3. hey Becky! not sure if you have seen my blog but I totally screwed it up. i had something on there telling me I needed to get a new background and i deleted everything and couldn't figure it out. when you get a chance I think I will need a new blog makeover or at least all the cute fonts that you had on there! love what you did for my friends Nikki's blog!